How To Quickly Configure 2.4GHz Setting Of Amped High Power Router?

The Setting Of Amped High Power Router is available here. If you want a stable network signal for your home so that your device can work properly. Because there are many devices that work only with internet connectivity such as IP cameras, wireless printers, vacuum cleaners, video doorbells, iPhones, computers, & more. If you are looking for a network for these devices that will give better network signal and network range will go to every corner of your house.

Then, you buy an Amped high power router because it provides long-range. The dual-band network is enhanced in this device that is more fit for larger homes as well as offices. The high-power WiFi network delivers ultimate network performance. Additionally, the 14 powerful amplifiers & 4 high gain antennas are built-in in this wireless router that accurately enhanced the network signals without network congestion. 

You can easily play the gaming console & stream HD & 4K videos without any lag with the network connectivity of the Amped router. The wireless speed is up to 1900Mbps. The 1GHz dual-core processor is enhanced in this router that handles heavy traffic. If you wish to configure the setting of this device, then you use web utility and input http setup ampedwireless com. Now, you get the web management page and you easily configure the setting.

Why is a 2.4GHz Network Setting Necessary Of Amped High Power Router? 

The Amped high power router works with a dual-band network. In the dual-band network, the 2.4GHz & 5GHz network is enhanced. The 5GHz network provides a wireless speed of up to 1300 Mbps with a limited area. But the 2.4GHz network delivers 600mbps with the long-range network. If you wish the network signals to reach every point of your smart home then you need to enable a 2.4GHz network. But in this network, you can configure many. The long-range 2.4GHz network is necessary. 

Easy steps to Configure 2.4GHz ZNetwork Setting Of Amped High Power Router

The 2.4GHz network absolutely provides stable network signals with a long-range area. If you wish to configure the 2.4GHz network then you can follow some steps. In the given below, there are some easy steps to quickly configure the settings.

Basic setting of 2.4GHz network 

The basic setting is important for the 2.4GHz wireless network. In this setting, you can configure band, SSID, wireless network ID, channel number, WMM, and more. If you wish to configure the basic setting of this network, then you can open the web utility and find out the IP address. The IP address is placed in the user manual of this router. Then, insert 192.168. 1.1 in the search field. You can access the login page, you can enter the login password, and quickly log in to the account.

Now, visit the setting and select the basic setting of the 2.4GHz network. Under this setting, you can enable the 2.4GHz network if it is disabled. You can select the Broadcast SSID in the following list. Also, select the optimum channel number and configure more settings. After configuring the basic setting of this network, you can click the save option. 

Guest network of wireless router

If you wish to add more names to the 2.4GHz network then you can easily connect it. For this, you visit the setting of the Amped high power router. Under the setting, you will find out the guest network. Then, you can select the guest network option. In this option, you will find the add device option. You can smoothly click this option and easily add more devices in an easy manner. Now, more devices are connected to this network. 

Wi-Fi Protected Setup-WPS

The WPS feature is more reliable because with this feature you can easily & fast perform the setup. To enable the WPS function, you can log in to the account. But for this the IP address or web address is necessary. With the help of an IP address & password, you can easily log in to the account. Then, you can select the WPS option under theAmped high power router setting. If the WPS function is disabled then you should enable it. After that, you can easily connect your device and enjoy the wireless network long-range. 

Security settings

The security setting is most important for your Amped high power router. If you fully protect your device from the virus & malware then you should enable this option. There are many types of security encryption such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, & WPA Mixed mode. Under the router setting, you can select the wireless security option. In the security option, you can easily enable anyone’s security. After that, your device is fully safe from the outside. 

Advanced setting 

In the advanced setting of the Amped high power router, you can configure many settings. In this option, you will find out the firmware upgrade option. Then, to maintain the network speed of this router & properly configure the 2.4GHz network setting then you should properly configure the advanced setting. 

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