Devolo WiFi Range Repeater No Internet? Simple Ways To Fix It!!

The network coverage of the wireless router is not high, due to which the user is not able to enjoy full network connectivity. They can enjoy the network connectivity in their device only by staying near the router. As soon as he moves away from the router, his devices get disconnected and he also has to face the buffering signal. If you want to enjoy a stable network signal in longer coverage then you can install a Devolo WiFi range repeater with your router.

Because the network coverage of this device is ultimate and huge so that your devices will stay connected. With the network connectivity of this device, you can absolutely take the stable network connectivity in the longer network coverage. The network range of this device entirely boosts the existing network.

The Devolo range extender/repeater is completely the best network device for your standard router, access point, & cable modem. If the network connectivity is slow & you seamlessly enjoy network coverage. Then, with this device, you can easily enjoy the network signals as well as network coverage. The installation of the devolo wifi repeater is fast & effortless. You can simply plug this device into the power circuit & then connect to the router by using the WPS button. 

Problems: Devolo WiFi Range Repeater No Internet

The wireless range extender device provides high-speed network connectivity to the router. The network signals are more strong & stable. But sometimes the issue comes i..e no internet in the range extender device than the standard router signal is not amplifi. If you want to know why there is no internet in my extender then you have to know some problem.

  • Not connect to the standard router
  • Virus is there in extender
  • Configure wrong MAC address filtering
  • More distance between router & range repeater
  • Not connect to the broadband modem

Simple ways to fix the issue Devolo WiFi Range Repeater No Internet

If there is no internet in the Devolo WiFi range extender device then you should fix the various problems. If you want to solve the issue manually, i.e. if you want to solve it by yourself, then you follow some steps. By following these steps, you can easily solve the issue manually.

Reconnect to the standard router

If your range attender device has no internet then you need to verify whether the device is connected to the router or not. If it is not connected to the router then it will not have internet. You will need to reconnect with the router to fix this issue. For this, you should place the router closer to the range extender device. Then, you can provide the power to the router by using the power adapter.

In the power connector port, you can connect the power cord in an accurate manner. Then, directly plug the Devolo WiFi Range Repeater into the wall socket plug. Now, you should verify the LED status, if the light is solid red then your device’s working condition. You can smoothly press the WPS button and securely connect to the broadband router. 

Clean the cache & cookies

If there is no internet in the Devolo WiFi Range Repeater device then you should verify the cache & cookies. Because sometimes the cookies & cache get too much due to which the issue gets created. To fix this issue you should clear the cache. For this, you can open the device setting and select the cache & cookies option. After that, you can clean this data in an accurate manner. Now, your extender successfully connects to the internet. 

Reduce the distance

If the distance is more between the router & range extender device then it has no internet. To accurately resolve the problem you can reduce the distance. If your router is on the first floor of your house and your extender device is on the 4th floor then it is common to have issues. You can modify the position of your wireless router in the proper manner. You can place the router that is too close to the Devolo wireless range repeater device. Now the issue probably will be solved. 

Use broadband internet modem

If the internet modem is not connected then Devolo WiFi Range Repeater is not connected to the internet. Then you should verify if the modem is connected or not. If it is not connected then you quickly connect it. With the Ethernet cable, you can easily connect the modem to the extender. For this, you can verify the LAN port on your internet modem & range extender. On the bottom panel of the range, you will find out the one LAN port.

Then with this port, you can simply connect the internet modem to the Devolo WiFi Range Repeater. After making the connection, you can apply http //devolo.wifi in the web utility & accurately configure all the settings. 

Apply Ethernet cable connection in Devolo WiFi Range Repeater

Sometimes the WPS button connection does not stay connected then the Devolo WiFi Range Repeater has no internet. To fix this issue, you can apply the Ethernet connection. Because the Ethernet cable connection is more connected than the WPS connection. You can easily make the connection with the Ethernet cable. Additionally, the LAN port is placed on the bottom panel of the extender. Then you can plug the cable and accurately make the wired connection. 

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