Easy Configuration methods of Synology RT2600AC Wireless router

The Synology RT2600AC Wireless router has a dual-core processor which can provide fast and unbeatable wifi speed. It enhances the wifi coverage area with a maximum of 2500 Mbps of turbo speed. Moreover, you get two powerful 4 x 4 high gain antennas that enable breakthrough wireless performance with their uncompromising energy. Smart connectivity that makes a safe and secure wireless bridge between the maximum wifi range or speed connection. Along with that, you get seven accelerated traffic control management which can manage the traffic on your device without creating any jamming and interruption in your wifi speed.

By its dual-band WAN capability which can also take load whenever the device gets failed due to some technical issues. You can also take help from the Synology rt2600ac troubleshooting tips that can resolve any of your problems related to the Synology wireless router. Moreover, you get amazed with its super powerful wireless performance which enables speedy connection for the whole family.

Synology RT2600AC Wireless router Installation

Before you start the installation or the configuration of the Synology RT2600AC Wireless router. It is recommended that you should check the package before you jump into the setup of the router. The carton of the Synology wifi router contains the main Synology device, the AC power adapter, its four high gain antennas, and the RJ-45 LAN cable. Also, check the buttons on the panel on the device and read its safety instructions properly so that you don’t stick into any trouble.

Start installing the device

First, you need to install the antennas on Synology RT2600AC Wireless router by pointing them out at the base. Then turn in into a clockwise position to make its movement strong. Repeat this process again until you make the position of the antennas stronger and secure.

Find an appropriate position for the device

To get a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection then place the device on a stable surface like a table and an elevated shelf. Put it closer to the center of the connected device. The space between two devices is not too much that can create difficulty in getting a wifi connection. It should be placed away from the ceiling walls and fans. Make sure it should the sp[ace do not create any kind of disturbance between the client device and the Synology RT2600AC Wireless router device. Just place on the flat surface or on the stable surface.

Make a connection with the Synology wireless router

To make a connection with the Synology RT2600AC Wireless router, you can use a network cable or an Ethernet cable that can connect to the WAN port of the device. Connect one end of the cable onto one end of the power adapter and another end into the power source. Aftermost, press the power button of the device. Henceforth, wait for three minutes until the LED light on the device and the WAN status turns green. In case you want to connect the LAN port into the cable modem by using the cables then you can use it for the wired devices.

For the wireless device, check the LED indicator status of the router which should have static green. It means the Synology RT2600AC Wireless router is ready to connect with the wireless devices. You can use any wireless device to scan and then join with the stable internet connection of the router. Moreover, you should know the default credential that can give your access to log into the Synology wifi router. Your wifi SSID network name is Synology_(Serial) and the default password is Synology. You can change these credentials after the initial setup of the RT2600AC Wireless router.

How to do the Setup of the Synology RT2600AC Wireless router?

The setup process is very effortless and intuitive. If you are establishing a wired connection then simply use the computer or any laptop that can help you to configure the settings of the router. If you are using a wireless connection then simply scan and join with the network. Hence you must have complete information about your default credentials.

The next step, open the web browser on any safe browser on your PC (for wired connection) and type in the search box router.synology.com or IP address. Once the connection is successfully connected then you can commence the setup easily. 

Afterward, you are redirected to the login page of the Synology RT2600AC Wireless router. Where you have to fill in the required information to access the administrator account. Therefore, tap on the Next button to continue to set up the wifi network process. Now set the appropriate operation mode and enable external access to the Synology normal router. Then choose any connection type for your device. This process may take five minutes to accomplish the setup process of the Synology wifi device. 

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