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Enhance your style statement with the famous streetwear brand Kappa



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Are you a fan of streetwear and urban fashion clothing brand kappa? If yes then you have landed at the right place. Hidden Hype is one of the best online platforms where you will find a wide variety of clothing from the brand Kappa. Being a premium online store, Hidden Hype has every type of clothes for you, from the brand kappa. All the products of brand Kappa are available at a very reasonable price at Hidden Hype. Explore the wide range of Kappa clothing and select some pairs to order online from Hidden Hype.  

From Kappa track jacket, kappa sweat pants, kappa hoodies to kappa t-shirts, kappa shorts, kappa track pants, we have it all from your favorite street wear brand to upgrade your wardrobe and enhance your style statement. 

 Why is Hidden hype the best platform to explore and buy Kappa clothing?

Hidden Hype is one of the most trusted and reliable online stores for all types of streetwear and urban fashion clothing brands. It has the latest and huge collection of clothing from all the top brands including kappa to explore for you. 

At Hidden Hype, customers are always their first priority, and hence they take care of all the needs, requirements, and interests of their customers. To assist customers with their queries and order, Hidden hype provides  24/7 customer supports to assist you and help you out from any query or difficulty. So, if you have any queries related to any of our products or your order, you can connect to our customer support team at any time. 

At Hidden Hype, we offer maximum discounts and offers on all our products from the brand Kappa. Brand Kappa is known for its very comfortable and soft fabrics of clothes and offers outfits like jackets, T-shirts, pants, hoodies, caps at very affordable prices. 

On all of its products, Hidden Hype provides honest reviews by its customers which help the new customers to select the best products for them.  Hidden Hype provides safe, secure, and easy payment options to its customers for a better shopping experience. The easy return and exchange policy are also provided for customers and orders are delivered within 24 hours of order confirmation. 

Hidden Hype has the most exclusive and premium range of Kappa clothing to upgrade your fashion. Shop over 50 dollars to enjoy the free shipping from Hidden Hype. 

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A guide to choosing perfect lingerie as per your body type



plus size lingerie India, plus size lingerie stores

Plus size refers to the size of clothing for people having body sizes larger than the average person’s body.  The term plus size has been brought up by the fashion industry for people who are bulky and have heavy weight. This article will guide plus size women to choose the correct size of lingeries for their bodies.  Plus size lingerie If you are an oversized woman and have a curvy body, you must be aware of plus-size lingerie. It is very essential to take care of your delicate parts and wear the inner wear that suits your body.

Plus size can be a challenge for those who might think that they can fit in the average size but just a few inches makes a big difference. Plus size lingerie stores are available everywhere in the market. Buy the right size bras and panties for you by measuring your exact body size.  Your regular bras and panties determine how your curves look throughout. 

Wearing a tight bra ends up squishing your breasts into your chest and making you feel uncomfortable and awkward. A loose bra results in sagging and makes your breasts saggy if you regularly wear loose bras. That’s why choosing the right fit bra is very essential to keep your breast in the proper size and healthy. 

For panties, buy one that covers your entire hip area otherwise you will feel uneasy and uncomfortable in your pants. If you want to wear some tight fitting dresses, wear thongs to not show the panty lines. Plus size thongs are available online and offline in the market. A curvy body looks as beautiful as slim in lingerie’s, just need to buy the right size for them. Your lingeries should not be loose or tighter. A curvy body needs a bra and panties that would hold the breast and bottom at the right place. 

Choose lingeries as per your body type. Choose lingerie as per your body type. 

If you are slim or skinny explore more padded bras. Slim and average sized bodies can look good in any kind of bras and panties. Plus size bodies should be careful about not wearing something that makes their body sag or more squashed. Always choose one that fits your original body instead of faking what you are not. 

Where to buy Plus size lingerie Plus size lingerie stores are available both online and offline. If you want to buy plus size lingerie online, visit Ellixy. It is one of the leading online lingerie stores in India which provides a wide range of lingerie for plus size women. All products of Ellixy are made up of good quality fabrics that offer you ultra-comfort and make you feel confident.  Start your shopping now from Ellixy and get maximum discounts and offers.

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Business Intelligence

Top 10 Largest Investment Banks In The World



Top 10 Largest Investment Banks In The World

An investment bank is an organization that specializes in exchange transactions. They were separated from traditional banks in the United States in 1933 when a ban was imposed on combining activities in the securities market with the attraction and placement of deposits in order to protect depositors.

Below is a list of the top 10 investment banks, along with a ranking by income. But first of all, I want to tell you that if you want any bank details of any bank then you can get it from Chase routing number.

The Top 10 Largest Investment Banks In The World Are:

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  1. JP Morgan
  2. Goldman Sachs
  3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch – (BAML)
  4. Morgan Stanley
  5. Citigroup
  6. Barclays Capital
  7. Credit Suisse Group
  8. Deutsche Bank
  9. Wells Fargo
  10. UBS

1. JP Morgan

JP Morgan is the world’s largest investment bank with operations in over 60 countries. The bank provides services related to investment banking, treasury and securities, as well as asset management services, works with individuals and legal entities and provides other services.

JP Morgan is ranked # 1 in international investment banking commissions with a market share of over 8%. It has been named the Best Investment Bank in North America by Global Finance Magazine. During 2016, the bank earned about USD 5.7 billion in commissions from banking investments.

2. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a leading banking and investment organization providing a wide range of products and services to corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net worth individuals.

The company operates in four business segments: investment banking, institutional banking, investment and lending, and investment management. In the investment banking segment, commissions were $ 5 billion in 2016.

In 2016, Global Finance named Goldman Sachs the best bank in the M&A market. As of March 20, 2018, the bank’s market capitalization exceeded USD 103 billion.

3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch – (BAML)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch – (BAML) is the corporate and investment banking division of Bank of America Corporation. It is one of the leading providers of wealth management, securities trading, corporate finance and investment banking services.

Bank of America ranked 3rd in aggregate investment banking fees. In 2016, he received $ 4.5 billion in banking commissions. Global Finance named Bank of America Merrill Lynch the best lending bank in the world and The Banker named it the most progressive bank for retail investment.

4. Morgan Stanley 

Provides its products and services to corporations, governments, institutions and individuals around the world. The bank operates in three business segments: institutional securities, investment management and capital management.

The investment management segment generates profits from banking investments, mainly from investments in real estate and commercial banking funds.

The main offices of the bank are located in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other world financial centres. In 2016, Morgan Stanley was named the Best Joint Stock Bank in North America and the United States by Global Finance Magazine.

5. Citigroup

Citigroup is an international financial holding company serving over 200 million clients. Citi Institutional Clients Group (ICG) provides investment and corporate banking products and services to corporations, governments, financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

The company has five divisions: capital markets creation, corporate and investment banking, markets and securities, treasury and commercial solutions, and a private bank (Citi Private Bank). Citi Institutional Clients Group generated $ 3.8 billion in investment banking revenue in 2016.

6. Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital is the investment arm of Barclays. The organization provides financial advice, capital raising and financing services, and risk management services to corporations, governments and financial institutions around the world. In 2016, investment banking fees were $ 3.2 billion.

Barclays has been named the most progressive equity-related investment bank (The Banker).

7. Credit Suisse Group

Credit Suisse Group is one of the most prestigious investment banks and one of the world’s largest asset management companies with total assets under management of $ 1.345 trillion. Swiss Francs (as of September 30, 2017).

The bank has two international divisions: Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking. Investment Banking provides securities-related services and financial advice to corporations, governments, institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

It offers services in loan and equity underwriting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), sales and trading, asset sales, primary brokerage, capital raising services, investment research and other services. As of March 20, 2018, Credit Suisse’s market capitalization was approximately $ 46 billion.

8. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is one of the largest banks in Europe in terms of assets. It consists of five corporate divisions: Corporate Banking and Securities (CB&S), International Transaction Banking, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Private and Business Clients, and a Non-Core Business Division.

CB&S is one of the leading investment and fixed income banking organizations. Greenwich Associates ranked Deutsche Bank as the world’s first fixed income firm in terms of market share.

Deutsche Bank has been named by The Banker as the most progressive bank in IPO and capital raising.

9. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Bank is the biggest bank in the world by business value. It is ranked # 1, # 2, or # 3 in the US for most of its products and services.

The company consists of four main business groups: public banking, equity, brokerage and retirement services, consumer finance, and wholesale banking. wells Fargo routing number bank profits exceeded $ 2 billion in 2016.

10. UBS

UBS is an international organization with offices in more than 50 countries around the world. It consists of six business divisions: Wealth Management, American Wealth Management, Retail & Corporate Law, International Asset Management, Investment Banking and the Corporate Center.

Investment Bank (UBS Investment Bank) serves department clients and provides wealth management services in two main divisions: solutions for corporate clients and services for investment clients. According to Global Finance, it was named the best investment bank in the world in 2016.

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Social Media Marketing

All You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing (SMM)



Before we dive into this topic, you should know the meaning of social media.

So what is social media? It is a computer-based technology made up of virtual networks where we share info, ideas, thoughts, news, and communication.

We have different social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., where you’ll find more than half of the world’s population. Such presence of masses on social network sites makes new media a powerful marketing tool.

From one corner of the world to another, you can communicate with anyone at any time within seconds and market your firm’s products and services globally efficiently.

So, we can say that social media marketing is a powerful marketing tool in which we use various social media apps, including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Linked In, Instagram, and others. Ian Somerhalder was on point when he states that “Social media is changing the world, and we’re all here witnessing it.”

Through social media marketing, you can build brand awareness, improve brand identity, increase your site traffic, and boost your overall sales.

Additionally, the internet provides statistics about their customer and their products’ usage to the firms, unlike printing marketing tools in which you have to wait for days and months to get the statistics.

Like every field and profession has jargons, SMM also has these terms, which are defined as follows:

Content –

Content is simply a text, an image, or a video. Each social media platform has a different need for content. For example, if you are using Pinterest, it is better to use an image; if you use a video, you can use YouTube, TikTok, or any other app. However, Facebook is the king when it comes to social media marketing.

Context –

Media context has a significant impact on the customers. For example, a joke or a quote has a significant influence on the reader.

Hashtags –

Hashtags is a metadata tag that helps the users to find more about the topic. Consequently, people can quickly identify and share the content. It is used on almost all social media platforms. For example, on Twitter, you can see hashtags that show the trending topics.

Shares –

Sharing your content in the media will give you bread. Of course, liking, commenting and other engagements are important, but sharing your content is the bonus.

How Social Media Marketing Works?

Here, you do not need to print anything. All you need is a laptop, tablet, computer, or mobile to design your marketing plan and strategy. You can use apps like adobe creative cloud, Canva, Sketch, etc., to create eye-catching and innovative designs.

According to Buffer, there are five pillars of digital media marketing:

Strategy –

The first thing that you do before uploading anything on social media is planning a strategy.

You should know the real goal behind your marketing. For example, some firms use marketing for brand awareness, while other users create more sales.

After you know your goal, you need to select social platforms to upload the content like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked In, etc. You should choose those applications that are used more by your targeted audience. This way, your products will reach the customers immediately.

Next, you should know the content you are sharing, whether it is a blog or image, or a video, and also the content you are sharing is informative or entertaining.

Planning and Publishing –

Now you know what your content will look like, it is time to work for your blog, image, or video. Done with planning and designing content? Great! Now it is time to publish.

You’ll publish your content on your website and social media apps that your targeted audience uses.

The content that you are going to publish should be unique, attractive, and clear of plagiarism. Furthermore, the planning of the content should be done ahead of time.

Listening and Engagement –

Once you’ve published your content on social media, people will share, like, and will comment on your posts or message you.

Responding to your customers’ comments and messages will make your customer pleased by answering their questions or thanking or complimenting them.

When you engage with the customers, this makes a customer happy and helps create credibility.

Analytics –

It gives you data about the post you’ve uploaded on different social media platforms. It tells you people’s engagement on your post, shows how many people liked it or shared it with others, and gives info on how many people used your hashtags. Analytics also helps determine the increment or decrease of the customer engagement of last month to the current month.

Advertising –

In social media marketing, there is a branch called social media advertising. In this, you can advertise your ads on social networks, and you can choose whom to display your ads.

Nowadays, you’ve seen lots of advertisements between the video and also on Facebook. These are social media advertising campaigns, which help the firm advertise to a large mass audience.

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