How To Configure TouchLink Function On Your WavLink AC1200 Router?

Router plays a major role in providing the wireless internet connection. As the modern days are coming, the router is also modified. Many routers with buttons on the front are becoming outdated. The TouchLink technology comes in the router which gives ease to the users for controlling the device. There is a router called WavLink AC1200 router which comes with TouchLink technology.

It is the most eye-catching thing in this device as it easily attracts users wherever it has been placed. The dual-band frequency WavLink AC1200 router is capable of providing speeds of 1200MBps, 867MBps with 2.4GHz while 300MBps with 5GHz frequency bands. Live TV shows and movie streaming tasks can be done easily with TURBO technology. 

The four omnidirectional antennas will spread the coverage at home and restaurants, avoiding the barriers such as metal objects, concrete walls, etc.  Coming to the ports, it has four ethernet ports and an internet port that allows you to connect IP cameras, gaming consoles, computers, printers, etc. The setup of a guest network can be accomplished by visiting the web interface by typing into your browser.  Now we will talk about some key features of the TouchLink wireless router.

Features Of WavLink AC1200 Router

The TouchLink AC1200 router comes with great features, here are some main features.

Easy Setup With TouchLink Technology 

The TouchLink technology enables you to set up your WavLink AC1200 router device without entering the password. Just by tapping the grey cap on the AC1200  device, the touch configuration has been activated. Now go to the phone WiFi settings and choose the Wavlink network to finish the connection operation.

TURBO Technology

The TURBO technology enables this device to boost the speed and provide faster speed. The network signal spreading capacity over a broad area is also an eye-catching feature. It broadens the signal at every corner of your room with four high-gain external antennas and hence provides stability to the connection. Movie Streaming and Live TV shows can be done seamlessly using this device.

Bundle Of Ports

With four Ethernet ports and an internet port, you can connect an external device such as gaming consoles, smart TV, printer, computers, etc. By connecting the computer to the internet port, it allows you to surf the internet connection using the wired cable. The data transmission rate using the wired cable is faster and more secure as compared to the wireless. Now we will tell you how you can do the configuration to set up the TouchLink technology for a limited period of time.

How To Configure TouchLink On Your WavLink AC1200 Router?

The inbuilt TouchLink technology allows you to set up your Wavlink device without entering the password. By tapping the grey cap on the Wavlink device, the touch configuration has been activated. Follow the below steps to set up the TouchLink technology. For a limited period of time.

Firstly, open the browser and type from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other browser you are using. Enter the sign-in details by entering the passcode and username. Create a new Wavlink ID if you did not register with this device. After successful login, move to the WiFi settings options and then to the TouchLink. Under the TouchLink option, choose the timer. Now fill in the time by entering the numbers.

The numbers should be between 30 and 200. Using the touch feature is a cakewalk. Just tap on the grey cap and open the WiFi settings on your tablet or mobile device or any other device you are using. Look for the WavLink AC1200 router WiFi network and tap on it to connect. 


I have been looking for a WavLink AC1200 router for more than 20 days. The reviews on this product were amazing. After that, I decided to purchase it and it has been working pretty well since I purchased it. The four high-gain external antennas with 1.2GBps speed cataracts me to buy at this affordable price. Live TV shows and movie streaming tasks can be accomplished easily with TURBO technology.

A separate guest network offers to create a private network without knowing the other users. The support team was also very supportive and provided the best solution in an hour. You can also block or allow websites by using the parental control feature. Although a value for money device in this range, I highly recommend all the buyers to purchase WavLink AC1200 router device.

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