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How to Use Volume in Trading?



Among various things, volume is one of the most neglected elements by a majority of stock traders and investors, particularly the novices. However, the truth is that having precise knowledge about the same can bring in a lot of advantages as it can be of immense help in the precise analysis of the stock markets.

There are various pluses benefits of volume analysis: Primarily, it helps to verify price movements and chart designs, as it reveals how much interest the security is getting. Next, variations in the volume are found to influence the price changes. And lastly, the pattern in a volume pointer over an extended time period is pertinent to the price tendencies and helps control when the price is shedding the momentum.

If you are into stock trading, it is necessary for you to understand the importance of volume trading that can give you a competitive edge in the domain.

What does volume refer to in trading?

The word ‘volume’ refers to a wide range of elements for securities that are traded in diverse marketplaces. In the case of forex and other securities that trade over the counter (OTC), the volume may refer to the amount of price variations that happens in a particular time period. The primary reasoning behind the same is that there’s no unified exchange where transactions are being stored. And essentially, the volume data refers to what takes place at a specific liquidity supplier only.

In regard to stocks and other assets that are traded in stock exchanges including options and futures, the volume refers to the amount of the quantity of shares or contracts traded over a specified period of time. In order terms, it reveals the number of times a security has been purchased or sold over a specific time frame which could be just a minute, 5 hours, an entire day, or anything else. Even if you have the best trading app in India, having the knowledge of volume can be a big plus.

In a majority of charting platforms, the volume indicator is showcased in a separate window just beneath the price chart, similar to other indicators shown in a technical analysis. The volume trade in the given time period is embodied as a bar, along with color-coding.

The bar color confirms whether the security’s value is closing up or down. A green bar usually means that the security is closed on a high note during the trading session whereas a red bar signifies a lower-closing security. The height of the bar indicates whether there’s a surge or a diminution in the volume of the security traded — a taller bar indicates a higher volume whereas a smaller bar denotes a lower trading volume. For the best stock broker in India, it is necessary to understand the analysis of this bar chart which helps in the optimum utilization of volume.

Track the momentum using volume

The momentum refers to the degree at which a stock price is being changed and helps determine a pattern. Increasing prices designate a strong momentum, and declining prices specify bearish impetus. A price vs. volume analysis can also help in determining the momentum.

Widely Used Volume Indicators

There are primarily three volume indicators that are used by stock brokers in India:

1. On Balance Volume (OBV)

On-balance volume (OBV) indicator was introduced by Joseph Granville in 1960. It is nothing but an easy accumulation-distribution tool tracks the variations in the volume to determine stock prices.  The equation produces a seamless indicator stroke that determines highs, lows, and trend lines alike price bars. In comparison to qualified action between price bars and OBV is found to produce more actionable indicators than the commonly used red or green histograms

2. Chaikin Money Flow

Marc Chaikin, a world-known trader in the USA brought the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF). CMF is found to be quite worthy in examining whether buying or selling weight is ruling the stock market. As per the trader, if the closing price of a stock reaches to its high, it signifies accumulation or buying compression. If the closing price of a stock is near to its bottom price, it reveals selling pressure.

3. Klinger Oscillator

Klinger volume oscillator just compared price with volumes and transforms the result of this comparison into an oscillator which helps in anticipating price reversals. The oscillator recognizes the prevailing money flow patterns for particular securities. The Klinger Oscillator is quite complicated than the OBV volume indicator.


What does a trading volume char mean?

A trading volume chart shows the trading volumes of a particular stock. Most commonly, it is presented as a bar chart with three color codes. The use of color indicates whether the stock is closed higher, lower, or at its previous price.

What is a volume in trading?

Volume simply refers to the quantity of shares transacted in a particular time frame.

What is the importance of volume in trading?

Technically, volume gauges the number of shares of a stock that are traded in a given time period. Volume is of worth as it authorizes trend movements. When the stock price goes up and volume goes down, it designates traders’ indecisiveness to purchase the stock.

How the calculation of trade volume is done?

Daily trading volume refers to the number of shares are traded every day. Average daily trading volume is usually measured over a period of 20 to 30 days. The calculation of average daily trading volume is done by adding up trading volume over the previous X number of days. Subsequently, divide the resulting figure by X.

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A crazy birthday gift that relishes by your girlfriend online



A crazy birthday gift that relishes by your girlfriend online

When you get relished from a stranger for doing a thing then, that thing gives a happy and proud moment for yourself. But here you become extra happier and proud because you get to relish from that person whom you love a lot. That person is none other than your girlfriend, whom you love more than yourself.

When you give a crazy birthday gift to your girlfriend so that the birthday becomes outstanding. You may get many times to relish from your girlfriend when you do anything special for her. But when you get to relish her birthday, then that becomes special for you and her also. This is because you think that you do something good, that she becomes happy on her special day. She gets happier because she thinks that there is someone who tries his best to make her day special. The crazy birthday gift can be anything for your girlfriend.

You do not need to think about what you get relishing from your girlfriend when you give a crazy birthday gift to her. You just give a crazy birthday gift to her and then wait for her reaction. 

Women golf gloves 

Your girlfriend has as many hobbies in it as you and many other people have in their life. Your girlfriend may have the hobby of playing golf, so that is why you can give the women’s golf gloves to your girlfriend. The women’s golf gloves are a thing, which your girlfriend loves very much. You can have these women’s golf gloves as birthday gifts. This is because your girlfriend gets a chance to play with a gift, that you give to her. You can try to do one thing, that is the women’s golf gloves, you give to your girlfriend that must be soft. So when your girlfriend plays with it, then she is only comfortable. When there are a lot of things, your girlfriend is going to get them. Then you get a relish from her for this crazy birthday gift of yours. So this woman golf gloves you can give to your girlfriend, and make your girlfriend happy with your crazy gift. 

Cocktail napkins 

You and your girlfriend may enjoy a lot of cocktail parties together, but your girlfriend may not have beautiful napkins. So what you can do, you can give the cocktail napkins to your girlfriend on her birthday. Your girlfriend can flourish this gift of yours towards the people who came into her house. If people appreciate your girlfriend for having that napkin, then your girlfriend may relish you also for giving this gift. So this cocktail napkin you can give as a crazy birthday gift to your girlfriend. 

Sandalwood cream body lotion 

The girl is someone who always likes to maintain her body and skin. This is a thing that every girl wants to take care of in her life. Your girlfriend also wants to take care of her body, and you can help her with this. You can order a happy birthday bouquet.  You can give sandalwood cream body lotion to your girlfriend as a crazy birthday gift. The body lotion helps your girlfriend to make her skin beautiful and scented also. So this crazy birthday gift your girlfriend likes and she relishes you for this gift also. 

Lotion bars 

Your girlfriend may like to have a bath with these lotion bars that you give her as a crazy birthday gift. Your girlfriend’s skin after the bath becomes softer when your girlfriend uses this lotion bar at the time of bathing. You can get the lotion bars of that flavor, which is your girlfriend’s favorite. So when your girlfriend gets soft skin after bathing with these lotion bars. You can get this lotion bar on her birthday, so that after her birthday party. When she bath she gets a clear and new body, that she did not have before using lotion bars.  When your girlfriend gets this thing, then your girlfriend relishes you for this crazy birthday gift of yours. 

Your girlfriend makes that thing as a gift, which is crazy for her. The gift can be anything from body lotion to lotion bars. All that thing, which your girlfriend makes, is a crazy gift. If that thing you give to your girlfriend as a crazy birthday gift, then you may get relish from her.  So if you put all your cards in the right position, then your girlfriend sure loves your crazy birthday gift. So do this thing for your girlfriend and make her happy on her birthday. 

If your mother likes to drink beverages, then maybe she wants to change her beverage and wants to try a new one. If your mother gets hit by anything and gets injured then your mother needs something which can help her to recover from pain and injury. So after thinking or looking at all the things,  you can get the necessary gift for your mother.

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Artificial Intelligence

What is a binary search tree in Data structure?



Binay search tree is a class of Binary trees in which all nodes are arranged in a specific order. A binary search tree is also called an ordered binary tree. 

Features of Binary search tree:

  • In a binary search tree, each node in the left subtree has a value less than or equal to the value of the root.
  • In the same way, each node on the right subtree has a value greater than or equal to the value of the root.
  • This rule is repeated to all the right and left subtrees until it ends. 

What are the advantages of using a binary search tree in Data Structure?

  • A binary search tree makes the search easy and efficient as at every step we get a hint if the desired value is located at the right subtree or left subtree. 
  • A binary search tree is musch more efficient than an array or linked lists, as in the process of searching, at every step half subtree is removed. In a binary search tree, it takes o(log2n) time to complete the search. The worst-case time to make a search is  0(n). Where n is the number of elements. 
  • The insertion and deletion operation also becomes easy with a Binary search tree as compared to a linked list and array. 

Attributes of binary search tree:

Binary search trees are made up of nodes and have the following attributes:

  • Each node of a binary search tree is represented in a parent-child relationship.
  • Each parent node has a minimum of zero and a maximum of two subnodes on the right and left sides.
  • Each subtree also has sub-branches on their left and right sides. 
  • Each node of a binary search tree is linked with key-value pairs. 
  • The values of nodes on the left subtree are smaller than the value of the parent node.
  • The values of nodes on the right subtree are greater than the value of the parent node 

Types of Binary Trees:

There are four types of binary trees, which are:

  1. Complete Binary tree
  2. Full Binary Tree
  3. Skewed Binary Tree
  4. Extended Binary Tree
  1. Complete binary tree:

In a complete binary tree all the levels of the trees are filled. All internal nodes have two children in a complete binary tree. All the leaf nodes of a complete binary tree are at the same level. 


At level 2 there must be 4 nodes and level 3 has 8 nodes. 

  • Full Binary Tree:

In a full Binary tree, each node has two or zero sub-nodes. A full binary tree is also called a Strictly Binary tree.

  • Skewed Binary Tree :

In a Skewed binary tree, most of the nodes have either left sub nodes or right subnodes.


Left Skewed tree- In a left Skewed tree, all the nodes have left subnodes without having right subnodes. 

Right Skewed tree – In a right Skewed tree, all the nodes have right subnodes only without having left subnodes. 

  • Extended Binary tree: 

In an extended binary tree, every empty subtree is replaced with special nodes. Each special node is called an external node and the nodes from the original tree are called an internal node. Each internal node has two children and the external node is a leaf in an extended binary tree. 

To know more about the binary search in data structure and types of binary search tree, do visit our website help me study bro

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Advances in Biotech Engineering & Manufacturing



Advances in Biotech Engineering and Manufacturing

In the last few decades, the rate of biotechnological development has accelerated rapidly, so much that the field is continually being showered with new advancements, improvements, and forward leaps. Disruptive technology is developing dramatically – with some anticipating an increment of 400% through the next seven years – and biotech is one of the significant ventures to watch through 2021. 

Here’s a glance at a few of the previous year’s key accomplishments in the biotech business. 

#1: Biosensors 

Medical technology is turning out to be progressively intuitive. And one such important addition that will shape the business over the following decade is biosensors. We align and intend biosensors to follow different biosignatures. Biosensors transform how we screen our wellbeing, including circulatory strain, heartbeat, breathing, and internal heat level. 

One biotech development organization that is driving the way is Sensible Medical. They’ve created a vest monitoring unit to measure the amount of fluid in the lungs of cardiovascular patients. If the fluid concentration hits dangerous levels, this technology can send an instant alarm to the doctors and healthcare staff, saving many lives. 

#2: 3-D Bioprinting 

Another fascinating development in the biotech advancement area is 3-D bioprinting. 3-D printing was one of the significant accomplishments during the 2010s. Also, the following stage is no less progressive. By utilizing living cells, this technology can make different human body parts like heart valves, skin, and ligaments for use in medication. 

Apart from making life-saving medications and pills, bioprinting can also make whole organs, for example, hearts or livers developed from a patient’s body cells. The capacity to print human organs will likewise have applications in medical exploration and study, as it will provide a better and more holistic approach with exact specimens. 

#3 Bioplastics

Natural and environmental concerns are rapidly turning into a significant interest and concern. Individuals are progressively aware of the materials they use in their everyday lives. One material that has seen the most sensational change in public cognizance is plastic. Assessments express that over 12.7 million gallons of plastic enter the sea every year. It takes many years to die down and poses an enormous threat to marine life. We devised new methodologies to reduce our dependence on plastic. One such technology to emerge out of the biotech development has been the advancement of Bioplastics. 

There was a need for natural materials, which will biodegrade over time or will not hurt animals. Surveys around the world show that utilization of bioplastics may increase by 20% every year. These materials are undeniably less harmful to the climate and function significantly than standard plastics.

#4 Synthetic Biotechnology

A virtually inconceivable capacity to comprehend and compose genomes enables BioTech innovators and corporations to build products better than ever. Furthermore, synthetic biotechnology allows for better uniformity and accuracy by altering cells at the genomic levels. Businesses in regenerative medicine focus on challenges spanning from computerized drug design to cellular farming and microbiome solutions. Bacterial cell industries yield a significant amount of Bacterial cell factories, provide a high yield of essential biochemicals for pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food technology. Companies are also exploring mammalian regenerative technology solutions alongside microorganisms.

#5 Bioenergy

Alongside bio-plastics, biofuels will likewise see an increment in production and their importance in the overall biotech industry. Power and heat generation using biotech sources will grow consistently at around 7% every year. Using biofuel will rise by 7% until 2021. As this technology becomes more accepted and resilient in the business sectors, its effectiveness and creation will consistently grow until it is ready to battle its chemical contemporaries. 

Many urban areas in Europe now have vehicles run on biofuels either wholly or to some degree. Aemetis, a biofuel organization situated in California, is one organization to watch out for. The organization holds offices in the region that produce 60 million gallons of biofuel a year, just as another treatment facility on the eastern ghats of India that produces 50 million gallons.

#6 Gene editing

Just a few years ago, sequencing the human genome was an enormous venture for medical science. Many believed it to be the zenith of biological exploration. Today, sequencing your genome has never been less expensive, dropping from $95 million to only $950 in recent years. 

As scientists find a solid understanding of genes and DNA, they gain more control over its modification. What’s more, gene editing remains perhaps the most flourishing domain in the biotech business. 

Gene modification pioneers like CRISPR Therapeutics from Switzerland utilize gene editing to help people suffering from hereditary diseases. 

Their latest program, called CRISPR/Cas9, cures genetic diseases from the diagnosis stage to the ultimate treatment. This program allows them to monitor genetic disorders before birth, which is very helpful for in-vitro patients. 

#7 Virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR)

We wrap up this article with something that might appear to be more qualified to computer and mobile tech. However, we also cannot neglect the use of VR and AR in biotech development. 

These frameworks work across different clinical fields. For instance, by helping specialists during sensitive operations or aiding patients recuperating from injury. VR and AR permit individuals to analyze 3-D portrayals of the human body and its different parts. The augmented creates a more compelling exhibition of medication and its impact and provides proper support to surgeons during an examination. At the emergency clinics, patients can learn about their ongoing treatment, which helps them stay calm. Also, they can see what their future might look like. 

The future of biotechnology and biotech development is now turning out to be a flourishing and life-changing realm. New regions and fields are opening up continuously, bringing the tremendous potential for advancement and change. What’s more, with this regularly comes significant discussion around the moral ramifications of its use. As we move towards the end of 2021, we’re all extremely eager to experience the new wonders of biotechnology.

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