Installation and Driver Setup Of Brostrend AC3 Adapter On Windows PC

The Brostrend AC3 Adapter is a long-range WiFi adapter that extends the coverage with two large 5dbi high gain external antennas. It is a dual-band adapter that is capable of providing a speed of 867MBps and 300MBops with 2.4GFHz and 5GHz frequency bands. It ensures the internet connection stability while surfing the wireless connection. High-end gaming and HD video streaming tasks can be completed simply using this device. It connects with the router and extends the coverage at every corner of your room. The USB 3.0 in gold color provides a much faster transmission speed than the USB 2.0 port. 

You can access the internet easily on a PC with Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP and MAC with OS 10.9 to 10.14 operating systems. The inbuilt next-generation chip of 802.11ac provides much faster speed than N technology devices. For the Brostrend extender setup operation, just plug the device into the PC USB port to enjoy the internet connection. The LED light on the front will define the running status of the adapter. Now we tell you the procedure to install and setup the driver of the adapter

Installation and Driver Setup Of Brostrend AC3 Adapter On Windows PC

Unbox the USB adapter box by removing all the stuck tapes. Now take out the USB adapter, CD, and user guide from the box. Place the device on a dry surface and start reading the User guide of the Brostrend AC3 adapter. It will help you to set up your device in simple language. After keeping all the instructions in mind, you can now move to installation operation. You need a laptop or PC and a stable power connection. Here are the instructions to install the USB adapter

Connect USB Adapter To The PC Port

Firstly, power ON your laptop or PC. Now take a Brostrend adapter and connect it to the PC or laptop USB port. If a new popup window with Found New Hardware Wizard will open, click cancel. 

Install the Driver

Now insert the CD that comes with the Brostrend adapter shipment box and look for the driver suitable for your PC OS. If you are facing a problem with running the CD or your laptop does not have any DC drive, then you can search for the driver on google and download it. Turn off or uninstall the integrated WiFi adapter if it is installed on your laptop or PC. After that, click two times on the Setup icon. 

Go After Screen Instructions

Now go after the instructions as per on your screen by clicking the Next option. Avoid using the Cancel option while the installation process is running. At last, you will see the Install Shield Wizard Complete window on the screen, click on yes, restart the device, and then hit finish. Restarting the device is compulsory to use the installed driver in the proper manner. Now we tell you some troubleshooting tips if your Briostrend AC3 USB WiFi adapter is not working even after plugging the USB port.

Brostrend AC3 Adapter is Not Working After Plugging To  The USB Port

Many questions may arise in your mind if your adapter is not working properly. You must read the Brostrend AC3 manual which comes with the package box. It will convince you to fix all the problems. However, sometimes, that solution may not work. We will guide you to the tips, from which you can overcome this problem. Follow these instructions to fix it.

Firstly, check whether your PC USB port is working or not. Try to plug the Brostrend adapter into the other USB port. Confirm that the driver you installed on your PC is compatible with your operating system. Also, ensure that you have deleted the WiFi adapter if already been installed on your laptop or PC. Check that you have enabled the Brostrend USB Adapter. You can check it by moving to the network configuration settings. Judge the adapter by viewing the LED lights. The LED light should be ON when you plug it into the USB port. 


Reviewing after 5 months of purchasing. It works very well till now. The range and speed of this device are impressive at this price. Setup can be completed just by plugging it into the PC USB port. It connects with the router to extend the existing signal at every corner. The USB 3.0 in gold color provides a much faster data transmission speed than the USB 2.0 port. Coming to the point, it is an awesome device and I must suggest all the users blindly go for it.

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