Various Steps To Customize The Network Of Tplink WiFi Access Point

The Tplink wifi Access Point is a 300Mbps wireless Wifi system that provides high-speed network connectivity around all the homes. The network signals of this device are more stable & powerful. This device makes up for the lack of a wireless router for the WiFi range extender. With the network connectivity of this device, the dead signal is absolutely killer.

If you have many devices in your house that work only with internet connectivity then these devices can give a stable signal to all the devices. Additionally, the range extender mode is equipped in the Tplink WiFi access point device. With this mode, the network signals extremely boost & extend. The Internet Protocol version 6 is completely compatible with this device. This version amplifies network signals in the entire home. 

The Tplink wifi Access Point device provides high-speed network signals & entirely compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n networks. It is based on the 802.11n network technology that accurately enhanced the network signals. If you wish to configure the advanced setting of this device then you can use tplinkap and quickly configure all the settings, this is the official web address of the device that is more helpful to configure the setting as well access the login page. 

Why is it important to customize the Network of Tplink WiFi Access Point?

If you wish to enhance the network of the Tplink wifi Access Point then you should customize the network. The customized network is most important to amplify the network signals. If you cannot customize the network then the network signals are not enhanced. Then, you should completely customize the wireless network of this device. In the access point network, you can customize many networks such as:

  • Check internet status
  • Modify & Change LAN settings
  • Properly configure wireless network
  • Adjust WiFi coverage
  • Specify DHCP server setting 

Step-by-step Customize The Network Of Tplink WiFi Access Point

If you wish to customize the network of the Tplink wifi Access Point then you can easily customize the network. In the given below, there are some steps to properly customize the network. 

Check internet status

If you wish to amplify the network signals then you should check the internet status of the access point device. Because inside this option, you get to know about the network of your device, if the signal is weak, then you can fix it quickly. To check the internet status, visit the web utility. In the web utility, you can insert in the search field.

Then, log in to the account by using the username & password. Now, visit the setting and click the status option. Under this option, you can easily verify whether your WiFi system is connected to the Internet or not. Also, verify your client device securely connects to the network. If your device is not connected then you can connect your device again. 

Modify & Change LAN settings

The LAN setting is important for the Tplink wifi Access Point. With this option, you can easily amplify the wireless network signals. If the network signals are weak & interrupted then you should modify the LAN setting. To change the LAN setting, you can use the IP address of the access point. Then, reach the setting & select the network option.

Under the network option, you will see two options like Obtain an IP address automatically & use the following IP address. You can select Use the following IP address option. After that, input a new IP address & leave the subnet mask. After making all the changes, you can click the save option and accurately save all LAN settings. 

Properly configure wireless network

The wireless network is most important to boost the network connectivity of the Tplink wifi Access Point. Then, for this, you can properly configure the wireless network. To configure the wireless network, you enter in the web interface. You can visit the setting & select the wireless option. In the wireless option, you can select the connection to network option. Then, you can enable connection to the 2.4GHz network and click the wireless scanner option. Finally, you can click the save option. After that, the wireless network is properly configured in a quick manner. 

Adjust WiFi coverage

If you wish to adjust the WiFi network coverage of the wireless access point then you can easily adjust it. Just open the web browser and input in the search field. You can visit in the advanced setting of the access point. In this setting, you will find out the WiFi coverage option. You can select this option, and then select mini, mid, or mix to properly adjust the WiFi network coverage. After selecting any one option. You can click the save option and save the setting. 

Specify DHCP server setting 

The DHCP server setting is easily configured. You can visit in the setting of the tp-link wireless access point device. In the access point setting, you can select the network option. Then, select the ON option to enable the DHCP server. You can input starting & ending IP addresses in their field. After that, you can click the save option and accurately save the setting. Now, the network of the access point is securely customized. 

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