Varied steps to solve the problem of the Wansview wireless camera

Nowadays, Wansview cameras are in trend. People are using and purchasing this product at a high rating. With the help of this device, people solve our problems like burglary, murder, parents keep eye on their children and superiors know all the activities of their office subordinates. The Wansview wireless camera is used indoors and outdoors. The brand name of this is Wansview. the 1090p HD IP camera is connected with wi-fi and Ethernet technology. It moves 360° in direction and it helps in the nighttime because the company put some lights in this camera. It shows live to the consumer. It is controlled by remote, wifi, computers, and apps. It is also connected with wi-fi routers via the ethernet cable.

The Wansview wireless camera is compatible with Alexa 4A. This is available in both white and black colors and it is helpful in meetings and more because it records the video with audio and it keeps the record of video and audio in their memory. Wansview camera setup is manageable because for the setup you download the app related to their programming camera

Key features of the Wansview wireless camera

There are multifarious features of the Wansview wireless camera.

1090p HD video

The Wansview wireless camera now records the full HD video because this consumer can see all the activities of anyone clearly. But in past cameras quality is not good so, in the time of theft and murder, they do not saw the good quality of video and theft. 

Motion detection

Motion detection is known as a motion sensor that detects and measures movement. Motion sensors are used in homes and business security. But it is also found in phones, game consoles, and virtual reality systems. This camera depicts the real-time information of video to capture and then it sends it to the phone. After that, we can see the outdoor movement immediately.  

Cloud storage

Does this optional camera system add the memory of the daily video? And it keeps the record of the video for 30 days. After that, it deletes automatically. The cloud is the collection of high-quality routers that traffic is faster and slower at that time. The camera easily shot the video of the traffic. This camera is connected to the headquarter of the traffic police

App control

We can control the Wansview wireless camera far away from the camera point with the help of the camera app and we change the setting according to the situation.  People see what is happening in their homes. 

Night version 

The night version of the camera is very helpful these days because it protects from theft and illegal work. The night version is an important feature of the camera. The night version has the ability to see in low light conditions. The night mode of the camera is only possible through the combination of two things; sufficient intensity range and sufficient spectral range. Humans have slow night vision as compared to animals. So, that they need to form two mentioned things

Significant  Wansview wireless camera caution

If you want to keep your camera secure and prevent authorized access. So, please follow these steps;

You just read some instructions from the paper which is always given with the camera as well as you read from the app of their camera.

Change the default password of the camera. We suggested taking your password of 8-10 digits. Then your security camera setup will be complete.

Important protections and warnings

Electric safety

The installation and operation should be confirmed by the electric safety code and there is no chance of fire and electric shock.

Transportation security

Heavy stress, violent vibration, and moisture access should not occur during the transportation, storage, and attachment of the device.


Handle the device with the soft thing and with care, keep the device from the right hand.

Don’t apply power on the camera before installation of the device and don’t place the objective on top of the camera.


They should be stored in cold and dry places, far away from direct sunlight, flammable material, or any dangerous substance. This should be transported, stored, and used in a specific static environment. And the camera doesn’t place in high-powered light because it affects the sensors and camera picture quality.

Performance and preservation 

Don’t touch the camera sensor or lens directly with the hand. To clean the dust or dirt from the camera lens. So you just use the cotton and microfiber cloth or air blower. Wansview camera flashing blue the blinking of blue light in the camera. It means that your camera acquires the router information but, your network is poor so you reboot your device and check whether router the camera can work normally   


This device is best to know the activities of others day or night. Nowadays, lots of people use this camera for security and more purposes.

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