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Pioneering winter tyres all year round | How much are they worth in 2021?



Winter tyres all year round

If you also think of tyres to be just round black circles serving no other purpose, then you’re grossly mistaken. That’s because they have a much bigger task to achieve once they’re out on the roads. To begin with, tyres come in myriads of varieties. That’s because each vehicle’s make, model, and purpose are different, so they need to have tyres that suit their purpose the best. For instance, 4×4 vehicles and SUVs need to have super strong tyres as these vehicles are required for off-roading. In addition, such vehicles need to tread on uneven surfaces. 

The other category includes tyres according to the seasons. It’s a well-known fact that the weather of a place has a great impact on the tyres. This holds especially true for people who experience extreme climatic conditions in the same area. For example, in the summer season, roads are dry, and the weather’s hot. So naturally, you need car tyres online which remain hard and firm on the roads, so that they give excellent grip on the roads. Tyre companies comprehend these needs of the people very well, and that’s why such tyres are crafted. 

Just as we have summer tyres, we have winter tyres to combat the chill of the winter season. In winters, roads are icy and snowy. That means they become slippery and dangerous. It’s pretty strenuous for the tyres to hold onto the ground. Quite natural, roads become accident-prone during this time. It would help if you had tyres that can prevent your casual drives from turning into catastrophes. That’s where winter tyres come to your rescue. So, if you’re living in an area that experiences blizzards, snowfall, and slush even for some months of the year, you need winter tyres for your vehicle. 

However, despite this, most of you are in two minds about using these tyres. We are here to simplify this task. Know the characteristics of winter tyres here, and you’ll understand why they are important for you. 

Winter tyres – When do you need them?

In most parts of Europe, the temperature goes below 7°C during the winter season. This is the time; roads become extremely tough to drive. That’s when you need the winter tyres. These tyres are specifically designed to alleviate the risk during this chilly season. Here are some of the special features of winter tyres. 

  • Winter tyres are very flexible. They need this suppleness so that they can maintain a firm grip on the roads. The reason behind this flexibility is the high quantity of natural rubber in them. This is what makes this car tyres safe on the roads.
  • These tyres have numerous slits on their tread. These channels are called sipes. The sipes are very important for the tyres. That’s because they bite into the snow and hold the ground firmly. 
  • In winters, you often get a thin layer of ice and water under your tyres. This is called aquaplaning. Winter tyres are perfect for averting the risk of aquaplaning due to their optimized tread. 
  • The best part is that these tyres have deep grooves in them. It’s good in a way because snow gets stuck into the grooves. This additional snow gives remarkable traction on the roads. 

These tyres also have a special marking on them so that you can recognize them easily. 

Markings on winter tyres

  • M+S

This means mud + snow. That means the tyre is capable of running on both muddy and snowy surfaces. So if you find this marking on the tyres, it’s safe to buy. 

  • Snowflake symbol

This is a symbol containing a mountain with three peaks. Such a symbol indicates that these tyres are meant to be driven on snow. 

Winter tyres are available in almost all the tyre stores of the UK. Or, you can also find the cheapest tyres online guaranteed by most of the garages. 

A word of caution

Despite knowing the benefits of winter tyres, many people are still not comfortable buying them. That’s because keeping two sets of tyres involves cost. People are often of the opinion that they can have all-season tyres for the entire year. Well, don’t ever try that. The amount of protection and safety that winter tyres will give you in extreme cold, no other tyres can ever provide you. If you swap the role of tyres to save a few bucks, they are going to flunk badly in their duties. Remember, safety is paramount. 

Things to remember before buying winter tyres

  • Check the size of your tyres. Ensure that your new tyres are the same as the previous ones or the ones recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. 
  • Check the inflation pressure. Another very important thing. Both under-inflation and over-inflation is not good for your tyres. Ideally, the air pressure in winter tyres is the same as in summer tyres. 
  • Make sure of the tread depth. However, new tyres have very deep tread, around 8mm. You should still check it when buying budget tyres or second-hand tyres. The minimum limit for these tyres is 3mm. Below this, winter tyres can be dangerous, as there won’t be required grip on the roads. 

Winter tyres are a must for the winter season, so go for them without having any second thoughts. 

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Take Your Bike Riding to the Next Level with These Bike Accessories



Take Your Bike Riding to the Next Level with These Bike Accessories

Bike accessories are a must for every rider due to the obvious pure joy of riding and exploring new things, motorcycles have long been religious, and having some modifications to them only enhances your ride. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast intending on going on short rides or excursions, there are a few bike accessories you might want to invest in to make your journeys more comfortable, safe, and pleasurable.

Hands-Free Phone Mount

Traveling will be a breeze with them because you can check your phone’s applications while it’s in the phone holder. Because they don’t require any electrical connections, they’re simple to put on motorcycles and operate. It comes in a number of sizes and configurations, so you can choose one that works best for you and your phone.

Charger for mobile phones

If you’re unaware, your motorcycle comes equipped with a smartphone charger. It is possible to charge your phone while traveling using this device. The battery on your phone has died, and you’re running late for work. Don’t worry, the cellphone charger that came with your motorcycle will come in useful. This will be a godsend for riders.

The Anti-Puncture Sealant

The only thing worse than running out of gas is getting a flat tyre in the middle of your journey. This is the reason behind my assertion. Even if another rider offers you gasoline, that rider will be unable to repair your flat tyre. For the time being, let’s find a tyre repair business. Use a gel-based puncture sealant to keep your tyres free of punctures. Any of you who travel by motorcycle should make sure your tyres are always free of punctures.

Helmet Lock for Motorcycle

It’s a pain to drag your helmet around with you all the time. It limits your freedom of movement and forces you to search for a secure location to store it. To avoid all of this difficulty, you’ll need a heavy-duty theft lock to secure your motorbike helmet. You should always prefer the good quality helmet lock because cheap helmet locks are more likely to break, and yours might be stolen if you use one.

Air Suspension Seats

Poorly built roads can cause back pain, and this is not great especially if you are one of those people who travel for long distances on your motorcycle. Don’t worry there is a solution to this and that is called an air suspension seat, this will make your ride comfortable, and you can enjoy those long rides

Riding Jackets for Your Future Bike Trip

A protective jacket is a must for any rider. There is a wide range of protective coat styles to choose from as well. Wearing these coats can keep you safe in case of an accident. The characteristics of a jacket vary from style to style. A good jacket must have an armor-certified certification, so make sure you obtain one of those. The protective coats have armored elbows, shoulders, and backs. With a higher CE grade, you’re getting better protection.

Rain Cover for Bag

Suppose you’re riding your bike to work with your bag when it starts to pour heavily and you have a bag with you, now you don’t want your bag to get wet even if it is waterproof because you have your precious belongings in that. When that happens, all you’ll need is a simple rain cover to keep your stuff dry in your bag. Your laptop, smartphone, and important papers will be protected if you carry this rain cover. No matter how water-resistant your backpack is, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions and protect it with a rain cover.

Helmet for motorcycles

There is no way you should even contemplate riding a bike without a helmet. It’s the most critical piece of bike equipment you should own.

Safety Gloves

Riding safety gloves may be a lifesaver in a pinch, allowing you to ride confidently no matter what the circumstances. Fingers and knuckles are protected when wearing safety gloves. In the event of an accident, they reduce the damage, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to drive away unharmed. Although the quality of the gloves makes a difference, higher-quality gloves offer superior protection. There are several classifications of gloves. Street gloves, which are safety gloves for daily use on public roads, are available from well-known manufacturers. Protective gloves of various sizes are available for purchase online. 

Basic repair toolkit

Yes. It’s a good idea to keep the kit in a hidden location on the motorcycle even if you won’t need to use it every time you ride. It doesn’t have to be big or heavy, but it should be able to handle some basic maintenance and repairs while on the road.


Car Accessories and accessories for bikes are a must for every vehicle owner. They have a very important function of making your ride more comfortable and it also helps you save on repair because it will increase the quality of the vehicle. Investing in high-quality gear and accessories is essential for your personal safety and the safety of your bike. They may be able to save your life. Bike upkeep, as well as physical and mental well-being, are also vital. Whenever you buy bike accessories online, make sure to spend your money on high-quality items since they will last you for a long time.

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